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Cardboard packagings - an offer tailored to your individual needs

We offer a wide range of cardboard packagings made ​​of 3-, 5- and 7-layer corrugated cardboard with different strength parameters

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Innovate solutions

Thanks to innovative solutions, our packagings look perfectly on store shelves. We have a wide range of ready patterns of patterned packagings which may be used by our customers without the need to incur additional costs of using of core cutter. 

Flexographic method

We print all packagings with the use of flexographic method in different colours according to the needs.

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Lapel cardboard boxes

Lapel cardboard boxes are standard cardboard packagings used in each industry: from the food industry to the automotive industry. We offer one- and two-piece cardboard boxes as well as bigger bulky packagings.

Patterned boxes (core cutter)

Patterned boxes are most commonly used for packaging of products with smaller sizes and play a vital role in the food industry. Thanks to the innovative solutions, our packagings look perfectly on store shelves.

Pizza boxes

Our offer of patterned packagings includes boxes for packaging pizza which can be found on our website at On our website, you may also find detailed information and technical specification of particular packagings.

Two-layer cardboard

Two-layer cardboard is used for packaging and wrapping of odd-shaped objects, furniture, radiators, fittings and delicate products made of porcelain or glass.

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Manufacturer of cardboard packaging

We are distinguished by many years of experience and expertise, offer high quality of services tailored to the needs of individual Customers, and competitive prices.

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